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Tax Strategy Session

Ever wonder if you’re paying more in taxes that you need to? If you’re a small business owner and don’t have a tax plan, then you probably are. In this complimentary 60 minute session we will discuss your current goals, finances, and business. You will get past, current, and future year tax savings estimates, as well as a fixed price on your comprehensive tax plan.

Business Tax Preparation

We provide a unique, year-round solution to your tax filing needs, tailored to businesses and business owners, preparing both your business and personal income tax returns.

By working with you year-round, you get personalized advice so you can take timely actions that will save you tax. In addition, we work with a limited number of clients so you get more responsiveness and a closer relationship with someone who truly understands your unique business.

Instead of worrying about the hassles of tax, you can take the savings to build your business and take the time to enjoy life.

Business tax preparation services
Business Advisory

Tax Planning Services

A comprehensive tax plan, including entity selection, is the starting point for you to realize significant tax saving now and for years to come. Our recommendations for tax positions will offer you the opportunity to reduce your taxes substantially while keeping in mind your current business and life situation.

Your plan includes an explanation of each strategy, its impact, implementation steps, and what you will need for supporting documentation.

We can help you implement the chosen strategies and file your taxes. We are available to consult with you on a regular basis because major life, business, or regulatory changes will affect your plan.

Profit Advisory

Do you want to grow your business and make more profit?

Profit Advisory is for you if you are a goal-oriented business owner who wants to work closely with your accounting professional, get access to the very best insights to help you predict the future, and comprehensive, structured support and advice.

Profit Advisory you will help you to understand the impact on cash from every decision you make, help you to understand your business model and the drivers of profit, and help you to make better business decisions.

If you want to grow faster, plan better and reach your goals sooner, schedule a discovery call now.

    Tax Strategy
    People Advisory

    People Advisory

    Make every dollar count on payday and maximize the business impact of your team.

    Here’s how our accounting services can help with payroll, benefits management, and more:

    • Payroll, off your plate with hassle-free technology. Commission and bonus calculations, employee expense reimbursement, and more.
    • Regular, in-depth advisory consultations and licensed benefits advisors on demand.
    • People operations support. Offer letters and handbooks, org charts, and Certified HR pros on call.
    • Align goals. What’s the right number of employees or contractors? What’s the smart amount to spend on benefits?
    • Improve retention and morale. Which teams have high retention risk? How do you reduce employee turnover?

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